Lunch menu (eng)

“Everything is arranged for you, everything is already done for you. So does that with nature. You only have the right way to prepare.

A pretty fair, typical Las Palmas three-course lunch for only € 22.50. Of course you can expand as needed. Each following court costs € 7.50. Make lunch a taste experience and enjoy all the delicious products that this season has to offer.

Have a nice lunch

Salad of Parmaham with fried egg;
Slices of Black Angus beef with olive oil and Parmesan cheese;
Prawn in tempura served with spring onions and soy;
Cod with barigoule artichokes;

Lunch 5

Cup of bouillabaisse served with rouille and croutons;Pan-fried clams with thyme and rosemary;
Veals top blade with shallot compote and sherry;
Home-smoked salmon;
Scallop with pumpkin and rocket;
Terrine of duckliver with red port and brioche;

Lunch 2

Veal meatball with truffle and mashed potato cream;
Black Angus Sirloin flap with bearnause sauce;
Skate with capers and smoked butter;
Sea bream filet with tabbouleh;

Lunch 4

Crème brulée vanille;
Dame Blanche;
Coconut macaroon with compote of pineapple;
Slice toasted nutbread with figs and old Rotterdam cheese.