Private Dining Room

A festive feeling every day

You can find Herman den Blijker’s Las Palmas restaurant in the heart of Rotterdam at the foot of the Erasmus Bridge. Here, the most delicious dishes are prepared using only pure, day fresh products. To guarantee full, rich flavours, the menu changes every season. Superb and exquisite products like oysters, seafood and game grace the plates here and give guests a festive feeling every day.

Private Dining

The robust, industrial interior of Las Palmas truly complements the ambience of the city of Rotterdam and the modern architecture of the Wilhelminapier district. The art of cooking has been integrated into the restaurant’s design. The partly open-plan kitchen offers guests the opportunity to watch the chef. Likewise, when you book the private dining space, you have a view of the dining hall’s private kitchen. In other words, dining at Las Palmas is quite the experience! Every day is a perfect opportunity to visit and enjoy Las Palmas.


Array of options

We offer an array of options for both private occasions and business events. Dining with a private group? With family, friends or business associates? Las Palmas Restaurant caters for such events too. We refer to it as ‘Private dining’. Mr Reimers lists the various options especially for you.


  • Maximum capacity: dinner for 40 persons;
  • Private open-plan kitchen;
  • Private bar;
  • Wi-Fi

Click here. if you would like to make a reservation for Private Dining. We would be delighted to provide you with a suitable proposal.



About Communicatie Las Palmas

Het beste vis- en vleesrestaurant van Rotterdam.

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