The Tent

Herman den Blijker’s new food concept

Stylish, daring and of course incredibly delicious

‘The Tent’ catering is today’s catering. The Tent’s team guarantees to meet all your desires, wherever you are in the Netherlands.

Herman den Blijker on The Tent

They really need to take some time out; go sniff around somewhere else. Different faces, other insights but most of all: new flavours. It’ll be good for those young guys, to just go and cook somewhere else. It’s not easy, I know, Las Palmas can really be a handful for any young chef. A seven-day-a-week kitchen. Lunch on five days and dinner on six, topped off by a long lazy Sunday on which just about anything can happen.

Believe me, that kind of routine will stretch any team. They need to be standing to attention and razor sharp, day in day out. Seeking out the greatest and freshest produce. Making the calls, listening, squeezing, feeling, smelling and tasting, and making sure all of us give around 1200 people each week an experience to remember.

Quite a challenge, it’s more like being a professional athlete.

What you don’t want to see is such a young kitchen team chasing their tails. They have to find themselves, work towards creating their own palette of tastes, towards finding their own unique style. The only skill you need to follow a recipe is the ability to read. But as we Rotterdammers will have it: “That’s not gonna put a taste in anyone’s gob”. To do that you need to develop your own niche. Put in the stove hours, try everything, fall flat on your face, pick yourself up, dust off and start again. That’s why younger chefs need to get out there for a bit.

This is how we arrived at the notion of The Tent. Three containers, what we in Rotterdam refer to as big steel boxes, together with a large 18 by 18 meter stretch tent form a state-of-the-art pop-up restaurant, which can be set up just about anywhere in the world. The Tent for example made an impressive appearance at the BBB trade fair for the catering trade in the Dutch city of Maastricht, where our young whippersnappers together with Beluga’s Hans van Wolde rustled up a star studded lunch for 400 guests three days in a row.

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