Noise in the company

Herrie in het restaurant Las Palmas

Looking for the right teambuilding activity? But not your standard game of paintball or round on a mountain bike? You really want to shake things up and you are not afraid of a bit of noise?

Good, because here, managers trade in their laptops for aprons, directors will serve unsatisfied customers, and account managers will listen to the wishes of their prospects for a change. It’s all happening in restaurant Las Palmas, where we will drastically turn the tables together.

“It can happen that a director suddenly has to listen to someone whom he normally gives orders to”, Herman den Blijker explains, “and everybody learns how to perform well up to the moment the guest walks out the door”, Mr Reimers adds.

Noise in the company is a teambuilding/experience activity which doesn’t just stir things up in your company, but also here at restaurant Las Palmas for a day. Because you’ll receive the keys to restaurant Las Palmas for a day! It’ll be your restaurant for one whole day, where you and your employees will run the business leading up to a beautiful and typical Las Palmas dinner for all your clients or business relationships.

You won’t have to do it all by yourself, of course. Mr Reimers, our chef, and our brigade will take you through the day, step by step. But credit’s given where credit is due, when your guests leave the restaurant satisfied and with nothing but compliments for you. What remains are closing drinks with your brigade and then…hand the key back in again.

This teambuilding activity is from 15 employees and 50 clients or business relationships.

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6 October 2013

Van Domburg Partners

Up to this day we still talk at the office about cooking, serving, the wonderful dinner, and the ambiance. It was a fantastic experience!